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Children's Mental Health Week Activities

5 Activities for Children’s Mental Health Week at Primary School

Children’s Mental Health Week is an important date on the calendar and provides us with the opportunity to discuss some important topics in the classroom. Launched in 2015 by the children’s mental health charity, Place2Be, Children’s Mental Health Week takes place each year to encourage children (and adults) to talk about how to maintain and support their mental health.

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Primary Geography Lesson Planning

8 Tips for Bringing Primary Geography Lessons to Life

Geography is a topic that can open the doors for students to become fascinated with the world around them, and geography is perhaps more relevant and necessary than ever before as we tackle climate change and other environmental issues. The problem with geography is, without the right intention behind how it is taught, it can feel dry and irrelevant to pupils.

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Does the 'Look, Cover, Say, Write, Check' Spelling strategy work?

Does the 'Look, Cover, Say, Write, Check' Spelling Strategy work?

Spelling is a skill some children pick up quickly and naturally while others struggle for years. Sometimes spelling struggles come hand-in-hand with reading difficulties, but sometimes children struggle to spell while finding reading a breeze. With so many different learning styles and levels in the same class, how do you teach spelling in a way that is accessible and beneficial for all?  

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Top Tips for ECTs to prepare for September

8 Top Tips to Help ECTs Prepare for September

Back-to-school time is right around the corner and for ECTs (early-career teachers) it’s a time full of anticipation and excitement. Over the next few weeks, it’s time to celebrate all your successes that have led you to this new school year, continue recharging your batteries, and start your preparation so you don’t have to deal with any last-minute stress.

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