PZAZ Science Lessons are on Pango

Content Partner Announcement: PZAZ is on Pango!

What if I told you all your science lessons from Reception to Year 6 were planned? Well, you're in luck because PZAZ is on Pango!

What is PZAZ?

PZAZ is a bank of incredibly comprehensive and engaging science lesson plans. Started by a former Chemistry teacher who offered to create some lessons for his son's Primary Science teacher, PZAZ has grown into a bank of science lessons that cover every statement in the national curriculum from Reception to Year 6!

Committed to Outstanding Progress and Confident Teachers, all PZAZ lesson plans contain:

  • a powerpoint & all printable resources
  • a CPD video to empower teachers to teach confidently
  • assessment & tracking materials
  • knowledge organisers & memory quizzes

and much, much more... 

The experiments are engaging, the instructions to teachers comprehensive and the resources are all beautifully presented and easy to follow.

What are teachers saying?

We're not the only ones who think PZAZ is great, teachers are loving PZAZ.

"These resources are superb...much better than anything else on the market and I've been teaching science for 20 years"

Jo, Year 6  Teacher, Bristol


"I would 100% recommend...The children in my class would now say science is their favourite subject"

Justine, Year 6 Teacher, Telford


"This is perfect"

Francesca, Year 4 Teacher, Leeds


"The number of resources you get with PZAZ is incredible!...I haven't had to do a tap of research since we started using PZAZ"

Nat, Year 6 Teacher, Nantwich

How can I access PZAZ?

Search PZAZ on Pango where we have Free sample lessons for you to try. If you're looking for something specific, browse by year and lessons to see how PZAZ can help you leave science lesson planning behind!