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EdTech in the classroom

The Future of EdTech: Technology’s Place in the Classroom in 2022 and Beyond

While there’s no doubt that the use of technology in classrooms and learning environments has grown steadily over time, the pandemic was the event that hit the accelerator and brought EdTech to the forefront of every learning environment. The EdTech sector grew by 70% in the UK alone in 2020 as educators rushed to establish quality learning environments for their students remotely.

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Primary School science

How to teach science if you’re not a science expert

Teaching science can be a daunting idea;

  • What if the experiments go horribly wrong?
  • What if they ask me why trees grow, and rocks don’t?
  • What if they can tell that I’m not a scientist?

It’s no wonder that only 32% of primary teachers strongly agree that they are “confident in teaching science”. (The Wellcome Trust’s State of the Nation report of UK Primary Science Education)

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Should Coding Be Taught in Primary Schools?

Computers play an intrinsic role in all our lives; they’re necessary for almost all types of work, we use them during our downtime, and their role in our lives is only getting bigger. We use apps to organise our lives, to do our jobs, for reference, communication, and entertainment. In fact, it is hard to remember how society functioned before the computer revolution.

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National Numeracy Day

National Numeracy Day: Fun KS1 & KS2 Maths Activities

Did you know it’s National Numeracy Day on the 18th May 2022? National Numeracy Day is all about increasing confidence in the maths skills we use in our everyday life, lending itself perfectly to a day of fun maths activities and challenges in the classroom! Read on for some fun numeracy activities to inspire your KS1 or KS2 class with a love of numbers, great not only for National Numeracy Day but all year round.

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Dream Job

It's teaching job application season!

We’re in the last term of 21/22 and schools are now starting to assess their staffing needs for the next academic year. Whether you’re an ECT or a seasoned pro looking for a change, it’s an incredibly exciting time of the year, filled with possibilities and dreams of a new future. Our teachers at Pango have been thinking back to their job application days and have pulled together some pointers to help you out when you take your first steps towards applying for your new role.

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Q1 Review - Pango Publishers

We’ve had an incredibly exciting first quarter here at Pango as we onboarded some amazing quality publishers as Pango Partners. We’re delighted with the huge range of content these publishers are offering our teachers, ensuring that Pango is a one-stop shop for planning and resourcing for the summer term and beyond.

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Students sitting KS2 SATs exam

Year 6 Teacher: Your KS2 SATS Preparation Tips

We’re approaching that time of year when Year 6 teachers become ‘ninja like’ throughout the school building – appearing and disappearing from the staffroom in the blink of an eye, moving at lightning speed throughout the corridors, and having hushed conversations with colleagues about revision plans, intervention groups and practice sessions. SATs preparation can be a challenging experience for teachers and children alike, so to help keep you on the straight and narrow, we’ve compiled a list of our Top KS2 SATs Survival Tips from our teachers at Pango.

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