Lesson planning just got a lot faster!

Lesson planning just got a lot faster

At Pango, making teachers' lives a little easier is what we're about, which is why we've spent the last couple of months giving Pango a complete refresh. We've taken on board Pango teachers' feedback and listened to teachers' needs to develop an update that:

🎉 Makes it faster than ever to discover quality resources, lessons, units and schemes 🎉

We've made Pango everything it used to be and so much more. Don't worry if you've got all your lessons saved on Pango, any lessons, classes or timetabling you've done will still be there and the app is more intuitive than ever.

We are so excited to reveal that the new Pango is already live so make sure to explore the new and improved experience.

Key Changes:

Library & Search:

We've transformed the library to make it easier to find quality resources and we've made more content available than ever before.

You told us search results were sometimes confusing, so search results now all appear in the same format and we've introduced tags to make finding the resource type you're looking for simple.

We know how frustrating it is when a search query produces irrelevant results, so we're introducing intelligent suggested search terms to guide you to what you're looking for.

For the Pango-pro, we've introduced Advanced Search so you can get to where you want even quicker.



Once you've found a resource you like, we've made it quicker to identify if this resource is part of a lesson, unit or scheme. Clear links to these larger-level resources will allow you to reduce search times and instead focus on getting the content you want.

Additionally, we've added a download all button for schemes, units and lessons so you can easily download everything you need.

My Resources & My Library:

To reduce planning time, we've made it easier to transition from resources to your planner. We've replaced 'My Resources' with 'My Library' so filtering and organising your saved resources is simple.

We've also introduced bookmarks so you can get back to the resources you love with a click of a button!

Lesson planner_v2




Whilst we've outlined the main changes above, it's difficult to understand the extent of the improvement without seeing them for yourself so make sure to login to Pango and get exploring.

If you have any thoughts, questions or concerns about the changes, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us at the following email address: hello@pango.education, or by using our in-app, live chat function. We exist to make teachers' lives easier so whilst positive feedback is always welcomed, hearing your concerns and critiques allows us to improve Pango for teachers.