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Tom Hainge

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Primary School science

How to teach science if you’re not a science expert

Teaching science can be a daunting idea;

  • What if the experiments go horribly wrong?
  • What if they ask me why trees grow, and rocks don’t?
  • What if they can tell that I’m not a scientist?

It’s no wonder that only 32% of primary teachers strongly agree that they are “confident in teaching science”. (The Wellcome Trust’s State of the Nation report of UK Primary Science Education)

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Pango is getting a whole new look!

At Pango, our mission is to try and make teachers' lives a little easier - and our vision is that Pango will be the only place you'll ever need to go to find resources, so we're making resources front and centre in Pango's new look. We recently finished our first big content drive which saw us adding thousands of resources from new content partners including White Rose, Hamilton Trust, Quizlet, Max Maths and more.

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