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KS2 SATs 2024: Teachers' Ultimate Preparation Guide

Preparation is underway for the 2024 SATs assessment period. With the Easter break approaching earlier than last, we only have a limited number of weeks before our students sit those all important questions. But as a teacher how can we be best prepared to help them?

We know this time can be stressful and it’s essential to have the right tips and resources to ensure your students succeed. Today, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know to prepare yourself and your pupils for KS2 SATs.

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Does the 'Look, Cover, Say, Write, Check' Spelling strategy work?

‘Look, Cover, Say, Write, Check’ Spelling Strategy - How Does it Work?

One of the most prolific spelling strategies is known as the 'Look, Cover, Say, Write, Check' method. But what are the benefits and drawbacks to this way of learning for a child?

Spelling is a skill some children pick up quickly and naturally while others struggle for years. Sometimes spelling struggles come hand-in-hand with reading difficulties, but sometimes children struggle to spell while finding reading a breeze. With so many different learning styles and levels in the same class, how do you teach spelling in a way that is accessible and beneficial for all? Discover how the ‘look, cover, say, write, check’ method works and whether it could be beneficial to your class.

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